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I dare you to say they taste the same.

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30th September 2014

10:46pm: Looking for Gundam Wing doujinshi Mad Max
If anyone can find me this, I would rejoice:


I really, really want. I'm honestly willing to pay a relatively ridiculous amount for a copy or scans of it. I've looked in every shop I can think of and haven't been able to find it. It's an old doujin from 1995 by Azzurri, and it seems like a few big sites used to have scans, but all those sites aren't around anymore.

For now, my quest continues.

18th April 2011

8:55pm: I found something even better!
Q- queer/questioning
U- undecided
I- intersexed
L- lesbian
T- trans
B- bisexual
A- asexual
G- gay/genderqueer
P- pansexual
I- indeterminate
P- polyamorous
E- everyone else

25th March 2011

12:45pm: Mixter

Abbreviated as Mx. Lovely! I hope I actually have cause to use this, because I'd wanted a version of M. that I could say as well as write.

18th December 2010

7:38pm: 1. Fuck yeah, DADT repeal! (Pending signing, which is next week, and then certification, and then another sixty days because... buh? But still, fuck yeah!)

2. QUILTBAG! I was in love with this rearranging of the acronym from the moment I saw it because I can say it! And it sounds like something awesome!

23rd October 2010

4:31pm: The Rosenhan Experiment
Ever heard of the Rosenhan Experiment? Basically, the experiment consisted of a group of "pseudopatients" with no history of mental health issues getting themselves admitted to mental health institutions by stating that they have auditory hallucinations, and then behaving normally after admission. While some of the other patients suspected them of being impostors, not a single staff member did. Once those staff members had placed them in the context of being mentally ill, everything they did was seen through that lens.

They were not able to be discharged until they agreed with the psychiatrist's diagnosis and received antipsychotic medication. (They flushed it down the toilet.) While it's not stated in the above, at least I don't think, I know that a certain (small) number of hallucinations are actually quite typical, and you don't realize it because they look like ordinary objects, for example. It was from a cracked.com article... I don't remember which one.

The other part of the experiment was telling the staff of an institution that they were going to send them pseudopatients and asked them to identify who they may be. They didn't actually send anyone, and so the staff misidentified ordinary patients as being impostors.

Doesn't give you much faith in the reliability of the whole system. The pseudopatients themselves had thought they could be discharged much earlier than they were, simply because they were actually not mentally ill. Definitely worth a read.

15th October 2010

9:32pm: Joan
"Joan is a music video that confronts the viewer with the violence trans people face in their daily lives. Featuring portraits of gender queers from around the world, as well as a few famous faces from Canada, the video offers recognition for the difficulty in surviving oppressive conditions. The love song, an anthem against transphobia, reminds us that through supporting one another we are not alone."

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